Mozaïk is the meeting of Matthieu Verrier, an exprerimented dj and Thomas Lachaize, saxophonist of the Bordeaux’s Opera, two artists mastering their art with perfection. An art they mix wonderfully to become only one and to create an undeniable chemistry.

On stage, Mozaïk proposes a unique delivery and tailor-made sets. From minimalist house to deep-house, tech-house and techno, the duo shares a story in every mix. Mozaïk makes a point of honor to give a selection of bewitching tracks, a real invitation to a musical discovery sublimated by Thomas Lachaize’s saxophone. This one reinvents the way to play saxophone and brings an unprecedent touch in each set. Melodic and hitting, the music of Mozaïk takes the public to an unique trip.

Over the past two summers, the duo is resident in the famous club Blue Cargo in Biarritz (France) and is invited for many clubbing parties in Courchevel, Saint-Tropez and in French Riviera.

The duo plays live his own productions influenced by the ethnic sonorities.

Origin: Bordeaux, France
Residency: Blue Bargo