Growing up starring at the majestic mountains of the chilean Andes, Nasca first stepped into electronic music at age 13. With almost a decade of music theory and piano practice at the time, Nasca secretly traded the Casio keyboard for a microphone and started out sampling and cycling audio loops on his dad’s computer.

Like an ancient caveman discovering fire, little Nasca had just encountered the mesmerising world of creating electronic music. And the passion never vanished. Being a long-time and insatiable listener of all kinds of music, Nasca creates outside the box, distillating loads of tension and depth into his productions.

Now diving in the whirlwind of Paris city nightlife, Nasca first came into light at the end of 2017, with a released on the 20-years-old german label Traum, shortly followed by an acclaimed remix on the up and coming canadian label Plaisirs Sonores. 2018 is already a prolific year, with several releases and collaborations planned. To be continued…