PSR032 | Hicky & Kalo - Borealis EP

Hicky & Kalo are back on their own label with another wonderful EP that solidifies their foothold as one of the most promising duos in the progressive house scene.

Title track 'Borealis' opens with raw intensity and is riddled with emotion from the get-go. The track fuses a rolling bass-line, beautiful pads and scintillating synth-work, a combination that makes for an inimitable sonic experience.

The second track 'For Better Days' is built around two beautiful melodies that cross paths as the journey unravels, leading to an epic musical moment.

Closing out the EP is 'Echoes Of Our Passage', which delves deep into to soul and ignites the passion within. It delivers a fervent feeling of hope and invincibility stemming from the delectable melody.

This is a huge EP from the Montreal pair. Brimming with musicality, it brings an untamed emotion to the dance-floor.

Mastering by Rob Small

Release Date : July 2nd, 2021

Tracklist :

  1. Hicky & Kalo - Borealis (Original Mix)
  2. Hicky & Kalo - For Better Days (Original Mix)
  3. Hicky & Kalo - Echoes Of Our Passage (Original Mix)