PSR 009 | Celestia EP - Hicky & Kalo

Hicky & Kalo strike back creating a track with fat drums, a catchy bell melody and a very dark atmosphere. Ed Ed & Petja Virikko remixes the track in a very techno way. Adding more energy and keeping the slow melodic textures. Hacker & Miethig bring a different rhythm to the track with more syncopation on the drums with really cool tom-toms. They created an original and intense melody followed with a cool cosmic lead.

Mastering by Rob Small
Artwork by Nathan Limoges

Release Date : May 1st, 2018

  1. Hicky & Kalo - Celestia (Original Mix)
  2. Hicky & Kalo - Celestia (Ed Ed & Petja Virikko Remix)
  3. Hicky & Kalo - Celestia (Hacker & Miethig Remix)