Common Ground

PSR043 - Tamir Regev, Avi Snow, Ben Cina - Common Ground EP

Plaisirs Sonores Records is proud to present Tamir Regev and Avi Snow's latest EP, 'Common Ground'. The title track is a collaboration between Avi, Tamir and Ben Cina. The track was also remixed by Paso Doble. To close out the EP, we find the solo track 'Silver Joe' by Tamir Regev.

The EP showcases Tamir Regev's unique blend of electronic music, combining intricate melodies with hypnotic beats. 'Common Ground' captures the essence of collaboration, with the title track featuring Avi Snow's exceptional guitar work, Ben Cina's beautiful vocals and Tamir Regev's driving rhythm. 'Silver Joe' takes the listener on a joyful journey with its great melody and driving, percussive beat. Paso Doble's remix of 'Common Ground' adds a deep, introspective dimension to the EP with haunting melodies and intricate soundscapes.

Plaisirs Sonores Records has a reputation for releasing cutting-edge, innovative music from artists around the world, and 'Common Ground' is no exception. "We are thrilled to release Tamir Regev's 'Common Ground' EP on Plaisirs Sonores Records," said label founder Hicky & Kalo.

"Tamir's music is an expression of his unique vision and creativity, and we're proud to support his art. The track he created with Avi Snow and Ben Cina is magical." "We are also very happy to welcome Paso Doble, a fellow producer from Montreal. We played many of his recent track at Stereo in the last months, so it made total sense to have him on the remix duties." - H&K

Tamir Regev, a rising star in the electronic music scene, has performed in numerous venues and festivals across the globe. He brings a wealth of experience and expertise to the production of his music, and 'Common Ground' is a testament to his talent and dedication to his craft.

Mastering by Rob Small
Artwork by Antoine Jeraj

Release Date : Avril 7th, 2023

  1. Avi Snow, Tamir Regev, Ben Cina - Common Ground (Original Mix)
  2. Avi Snow, Tamir Regev, Ben Cina - Common Ground (Paso Doble Remix)
  3. Tamir Regev - Silver Joe (Original Mix)