PSR027 | Hicky & Kalo - Hamada EP

Label bosses Hicky & Kalo are back on their own imprint with their new track 'Hamada'. A memorable progressive voyage filled with clean synths and cosmic pads. A groover!

On remix duty, pioneer Sahar Z brings his trademark 'desert' style to 'Hamada'. Super groovy with little magic bell melodies, his remix glide effortlessly creating a maelstrom of energy in their wake. Musical hypnosis at its most devastating. A regular on many high profile labels, Sahar Z has built a formidable reputation within the progressive community winning many awards and the adulation of a worldwide audience through a punishing touring schedule.

It's another bomb EP for Plaisirs Sonores Records who continues its rapid ascension to the fore of the scene.

Mastering by Rob Small

Release Date : October 5th, 2020

Tracklist :

  1. Hicky & Kalo - Hamada (Original Mix)
  2. Hicky & Kalo - Hamada (Sahar Z Remix)