PSR 022 | Hosu EP - Nōpi

As we slowly enter the cozy and chilly autumn season, Plaisirs Sonores introduce Nōpi with a great dose of warm to soundtrack this musical adventure. The Ukrainian might be a new face, but he has already figured on some high-profile labels such as Kindisch, Akbal and When We Dip XYZ. For his debut on PSR, he unveils one brilliant track - 'Hosu' which perfectly showcase his talents as a producer.

'Hosu' is a spine-tingling number with majestic keys and chords overlaid with deep, warm drums. It's a real trip into melancholic moods and is the sort of lush track that sinks you into a reverie.

On remix duty, Erdi Irmak tightens the drums and create, with a majestic synth, a brilliant and memorable melody. Pad layers are added subtly never overpowering each other, creating a serene, surreal auditory experience.

Mastering by Rob Small
Artwork by Zacharie Potvin-Williams

Release Date : November 18th, 2019

Tracklist :

  1. Nōpi - Hosu (Original Mix)
  2. Nōpi - Hosu (Erdi Irmak Remix)