PSR030 | Analog Jungs, Oliver & Tom - Landscape EP

Two Argentinian duos, Analogs Jungs and Oliver & Tom, pair up to produce one catchy single, 'Landscape'. The track's name speaks for itself - a vast a contemplative landscape of infinite groove.

Analog Jungs is a musical project from Córdoba, Argentina founded by Claudio Cornejo and Gustavo Ruarte. They have a style that blends Progressive, Tech and Deep House sounds with great versatility and ideal rhythms for the dance floor.

'Music transcends us all,' that's what Oliver & Tom is all about. Composed by Andrés Martynowicz and Mauricio Infiesta, the duo's symbiosis originated in their childhood. Growing up together, they shared diverse musical experiences in rock and pop bands, where Andrés excelled in the electric guitar and Mauricio in the acoustic drums. A few years later, both continued their studies now choosing the piano and synthesizer as their main instruments of production and giving rise to the creation of the electronic music group 'Oliver & Tom.'

Spanish producer Agatha Pher contributes to the calm and memorable vibe, defining the single's clear and beautiful horizons. She always creates beautiful music, and this remix is no exception.

To close out the EP, Brazilian producer Rigooni, known for his beautiful track 'Dreamed Numbers' signed on Nick warren's Balance compilation, is on remix duty and create a bouncy/proggy sound.

Enjoy this superb three track EP, the second release of 2021 by Hicky & Kalo's label Plaisirs Sonores Records.

Mastering by Rob Small

Release Date : February 22nd, 2021

Tracklist :

  1. Analog Jungs, Oliver & Tom - Landscape (Original Mix)
  2. Analog Jungs, Oliver & Tom - Landscape (Agatha Pher Remix)
  3. Analog Jungs, Oliver & Tom - Landscape (Rigooni Remix)