Moving Auras

PSR 020 | Moving Auras EP - Hicky & Kalo

Hicky & Kalo's Montreal-based imprint Plaisirs Sonores Records continues its rapid ascension to the fore of the scene with another lethal new two track EP led by the label bosses themselves.

The original cut from the Canadian pair is titled 'Moving Auras', and it comes strapped with an inimitable remix from Darin Epsilon & Paul Kurdos. The original track is a progressive and melodic beauty with a signature groovy rhythm. The remix adds a dreamy atmosphere while slowing down the bpm a bit. A beautiful rework.

Mastering by Cid Inc.
Artwork by Zacharie Potvin-Williams

Release Date : August 12th, 2019

  1. Hicky & Kalo - Moving Auras (Original Mix)
  2. Hicky & Kalo - Moving Auras (Darin Epsilon & Paul Kurdos Remix)