Scorpion RIsing

PSR034 | Tyler W - Scorpion Rising EP

Montreal-based producer Tyler W makes his debut as an artist with a fantastic first release on Hicky & Kalo's label Plaisirs Sonores Records. His track 'Scorpion Rising' is a melancholic piece filled with beautiful melodies.

On remix duties, Erdi Irmak changes the tone of the track to create a gentle and pleasing organic house ballad. The handsome flute and enchanting bird sounds form an appeasing symbiosis.

Last but not least, Paul Kardos twists the original track into a progressive house weapon that will hypnotize the dancer with driving drums and emotive synth.

In the words of Hicky & Kalo: 'When we heard 'Scorpion Rising' for the first time, we were immediately hooked by the awesome melody. It was also the first time we heard about Tyler W and we knew that we had to welcome him into the PSR family. Welcome Tyler!'

Mastering by Rob Small

Release Date : November 26th, 2021

Tracklist :

  1. Tyler W - Scorpion Rising (Original Mix)
  2. Tyler W - Scorpion Rising (Erdi Irmak Remix)
  3. Tyler W - Scorpion Rising (Paul Kardos Remix)