PSR 010 | Sextans EP - Tamez

Mexican Producer Tamez delivers us a smooth summer groove with punchy drums and cool arps.Spanish producer Th Moy strikes a perfect chilled out vibe with his mellow remix. Major chords and driving arps accompany us on the journey. Hicky & Kalo bring the fresh remix, adding melodic material and soaring melodic textures on the nostalgic tip. Thomas Roberts finishes the job with a techy remix, perfect for late-night introspection.

Mastering by Rob Small
Artwork by Nathan Limoges

Release Date : June 12th, 2018

  1. Tamez - Sextans (Original Mix)
  2. Tamez - Sextans (Th Moy Remix)
  3. Tamez - Sextans (Hicky & Kalo Remix)
  4. Tamez - Sextans (Thomas Roberts Remix)